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Otto’s has A1 AND HP Steak Sauce?

Register-Star  |  Friday, December 12, 2008
Germantown's Hero
by Joan K. Davidson

Germantown has received an early Christmas present—and it's a miracle!


After the loss of Central Market and our beloved restaurant and bookstore, Germantown had become a ghost town, shuttered and mostly empty.


Now, overnight, Germantown has been reborn! A dazzling new grocery store has come to town, and once again we have a much needed resource, a lively community center and a destination for folks from miles around.


The hero of the tale is Otto Leuschel, who comes to Germantown from Whole Foods in New York, and is energetic and charming. He has refurbished the old store and stocked it to the roof with all the foods we need and want–many of them local and most of them affordable. The store is open every day of the week, has a competent and courteous young staff and seems headed for grand success.



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