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Hudson River Sampler  |  March 2009

Profile: Germantown's Otto's Market
by Hilary Hart


The building at 215 Main Street in Germantown has been a grocery store since the 1920s, but has been closed for about two years, much to the dismay of local residents. Last September, they were delighted when Otto Leuschel bought and started to renovate it, and even more overjoyed when he opened the dazzling new Otto's Market in December. The market's reception has been great and for this Otto is appreciative, especially with the winter we've had, with the ice storm and all the attending emergencies.

Otto has lived in the area for about six years and studied the demographics of the entire Hudson Valley area before deciding that a market was much needed where it is. He had worked for Whole Foods for 17 year, so has a huge amount of related experience in the greater food service industry. Previous to his opening, residents of Germantown had to travel to either Hudson or Red Hook for certain items. As there was nothing else except convenience stores closer than ten miles at best, and convenience stores can't stock everything, of course, that a grocery store or market can.

When you go into Otto's, you are immediately struck by how clean and bright it is, well lit and VERY well attended. For a smallish store, it carries an amazing array of inventory. "Naturally," says Otto, "we can't have an enormous selection of each kind of product, but we try very hard to have some of anything someone would need." As you look around, you realize that you can't think of something you would want to buy at the market that is NOT represented here, so Otto's research into what people want is serving him well. There are also many offerings of items usually found in a health food environment, not just a general store. This indicates Otto's orientation all those years working for Whole Foods. "I just wanted to do something a little different," said Otto, "so when I saw that this market was for sale, I decided to try running my own store."

Otto's not only has fresh produce and an on-site bakery; they also cook many of their own fresh meats daily for the deli. There are sandwiches, cold salads and one or two soups of the day available. They are opened 7 a.m.-7 p.m. six days a week as well as 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays.

Just inside the door and to the right, there are several pictures on the walls of various older "lives" of the building as it was in its previous incarnations. With Germantown coming into its tri-centennial year in 2010, it's even nicer that Otto's Market has come to provide area people with a local grocery store once again at 205 Main Street. For further information on the store or what they have available, call them at 518-537-7200.
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