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Otto's has Chicken & Stars AND Amy Organics Soup?

History of Central Market

Central Market has been a grocery store since its construction in 1927. Over the years, the market's owners have served Germantown as the local grocer. Otto's Market carries on that tradition.

-Central Market opened in 1927 by Tracy Osborn Rockefeller.

-Tracy Rockefeller owned it through the early ‘40’s, selling it after World War II.

-The next owner was Teddy Ginsberg. He expanded the store, adding the area that is now our produce area and kitchen.

-Mr. Ginsberg owned it through the early 1970’s. He then sold the market to Paul and Elsie Madigan, who owned the market for about 4 years.
It was then sold to Lee and Bruno Filiberti in 1976.

-Lee owned and operated the market though the new century, updating the market from a local grocer and bringing it in line with new food trends of time to a broader market.

-In 2001, Gary Capetta and Nick Jones joined with Lee in operating the market. They renovated the store together, and built on the offerings of product and services, including catering and further improvements in the offering.

-Central Market was closed for two years, between 2006 and 2008.

-The market reopened on December 3rd, 2008 as Otto’s Market.ottos with Edna Rockerfeller

-On opening day, we had a very special visitor. Edna Rockefeller Salpaugh came into the store to see its new incarnation. Edna is the daughter of the original owner Tracy Rockefeller, and worked in the store in the 30’s delivering groceries for her father’s store. Having Edna visit on opening day was magical! The bridge from 1927 to present day was complete with this beautiful lady’s delightful presence!






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