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Did you
know Otto’s has Smucker’s Orange Marmalade AND Dundee Orange Marmalade?

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Bone Suckin' Mustard
This award-winning mustard is made with brown sugar, molasses, paprika, jalapeños and, of course, mustard seeds. It’s hot, but not too hot with a rich sweetness that makes it a perfect sandwich companion. Click here for recipes.

Pickapeppa Sauce
Called “Jamaican Ketchup,” this spicy sauce has been made in Shooter’s Hill, Jamaica since 1921. Its ingredients— tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, mangoes, raisins, tamarinds and peppers— are aged in oak barrels, giving it a unique smoky flavor.

Use Pickapeppa to make “The Big Easy,” which was probably named more for the dish’s preparation than for the Crescent City. Take a cream cheese block, dump Pickapeppa sauce on it and serve with crackers. For more recipes, click here.

Louisiana Hot Sauce
The claim is that THIS is the ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce. There are other Louisiana Hot Sauces, but this eighty-year-old cayenne pepper sauce was the first.

Woodstock Farms Organic Dark and Milk Chocolate Raisins
Made with organic raisins and evaporated cane juice, these snacks are almost like health food!

International Collection Toasted Sesame Oil
If you don’t have this in your cupboard, come in and get it now. A teaspoon or two of this turns ordinary pasta into “Pasta of the Ancient Orient.” Humdrum chicken salad turns into “Belly Dancing Thai Chicken Delight.” It’s like magic. Click here for a slew of recipes.


Briannas Dressings
Founded in central Texas 25 years ago, the name Briannas is a mash-up of the owner’s daughter and grandson’s names: Marianne and Brian. We carry three flavors, Zesty French, Rich Poppy Seed and Blush Wine Vinaigrette. For recipes, click here.

Odense Marzipan
Make very cool (and delicious) marzipan decorations. Click here for tips.




Mystic Pizza
Yes, the same Mystic Pizza as the movie. The Mystic, Connecticut pizza parlor inspired screenwriter Amy Jones. We suggest that you rent “Mystic Pizza” to watch while you eat a Mystic pizza.

GLUTINO - Macaroni 'n Cheese
Mac 'n Cheese is a true comfort food and kids' favorite. This one is gluten free. Made with brown rice penne and a blend of Monterey jack, cheddar and Parmesan cheese. Microwaves in 5 minutes.

Boylan's Mash Beverages
Mash is so new that it doesn’t even have a website. It is made by one of our favorite soft drink makers Boylan's. It’s a soda-juice-water. We carry Mango/Blood Orange and Pomegranate/blueberry.

Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale
From Yorkshire's oldest brewery (1758) this ale has a walnut-like color, palate of hazelnuts and a long clean finish. The rich Samuel Smith strain of yeast dates from the early 1900s.

Manhattan Special
Need a pick-me-up? Take a swig of this iconic brew. This award-winning Pure Espresso Coffee Soda was first made in 1895. It’s a blend of the world's finest coffee beans and pure cane sugar. Exactly what the late afternoon slump calls for.

Peppadew Stuffed with Blue Cheese Spread
We are big fans of this product here. BIG fans. Some of us have been known to eat a whole container in one shift. The peppadew is the newest fruit since the kiwi. They are sweet & spicy and are perfect companion for blue cheese. Oh, Peppadew is supposed to have a “TM” after it. Isn’t it silly to trademark a fruit?

Tonnino Tuna Fillets with Garlic
Tonnino hand-packs the finest cuts of yellow fin tuna in refined Italian Olive oil with garlic. Click here for some “Posh Nosh” recipes:

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