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I got into Chemex in 1982, working at a little deli when I was a student at the University of Oregon. I am now a die-hard Chemex lover, and will always use it to make coffee.

Chosen as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times, the Chemex Coffeemaker is found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
This merging of form and function came out of Chemist Peter Schlumbohm's taste for fine flavor. Invented in 1941, and applying the techniques used to insure laboratory purity, he set out to brew what may have been the first cup of truly, clear, full-bodied coffee - free of undesirable fats, oils, sediment and most of all...bitterness.

You can see it in a few movies and TV shows. They used one on Friends in Monica’s apartment, and Mia Farrow had one in her kitchen in Rosemary’s Baby…. EEK! But she did live in The Dakota.


While many coffee aficionados like the French Press, I am not a fan of the grit at the bottom of the cup. With Chemex, you make a concentrate and then adjust the strength with hot water. You really use only the best of the coffee, as the more water you run through ground coffee, the more you tire the beans, and get the bitterness.


We will always sell the special filters. Ask anyone for a demonstration, and you too will join the Chemex Set. A very exclusive club!

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