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Did you
know Otto’s has Log Cabin syrup AND Russell Farms Pure Maple Syrup?

Happy Herbert’s Snacks

We love this snack line but aren’t sure if we buy founder’s Gary Plutchok after-school-special style story of how Happy Herbert’s came to be. We do wonder if the movie rights are available.

Setting: School Cafeteria in Brooklyn:

“Fellow students, there must be some middle ground to the snack quandary that faces us,” he announced to his classmates (as you can gather, Gary was bright for his age). “One of the keys to happiness is eating foods that taste good and are fun to eat, but ones that also are healthy and wholesome. I believe there is a solution to this problem out there – a tasty, all natural solution. And through hard work and dedication, I will find it!"

Click here for the whole, entertaining story and to find out just who this Herbert guy is.

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