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Did you know
Otto’s has A1 AND HP Steak Sauce?

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San Marzano Marinara Pasta Sauce
Wikipedia has a lot to say about San Marzano tomatoes!
Darrell Lea: Mango Liquorice
One word for you…yummm!
Cowboy Ketchup
Give your burger a southwestern kick in the buns!
Tonnino Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil
For an exquisite tuna-salad sandwich…

More Beer!
This week we beefed up our New York s election with Keegan Ales, Brown’s Brewing Company, Blue Point, Middle Ages Brewing Company, Landmark Beer Company. Good stuff!
Hu-Kwa Tea
Distinctive with its smoky flavor and aroma, Hu-Kwa tea is recognized around the world as the benchmark for Chinese Lapsang Souchong tea. Hu-Kwa Tea is the finest and most rare of China Teas. Grown only in one little spot in the world — in the province of Foo Kien, China.

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