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Did you
know Otto’s has Smucker’s Orange Marmalade AND Dundee Orange Marmalade?

Top Picks

Sticky Toffee Pudding


The display in this photo illustrates a problem. These empty boxes were all found in Otto’s kitchen. All six of them. It’s what we like to call cold, hard evidence. It is evidence of two things. One, Otto is being totally sincere in making this his pick of the month and two, Otto may have a little Sticky Toffee Pudding problem. Many of the staff here may also be afflicted. Grab a box from our freezer section and you’ll see why.


Dagoba Organic Drinking Chocolatephoto of dagoba hot chocolate


According to the Aztecs, cacao, brought straight to Earth from paradise, is a source of wisdom and power. Who are we to disagree with the Aztecs? Dagoba is dedicated to the “Art of Chocolate Alchemy” and these rich, organic, Fair-Trade-Certified drinking chocolates certainly exemplify that.


Drink up!


close up photo of  mexican coke

Mexican Coca-cola!

It’s the real thing…

On April 23, 1985, the Coca-Cola Company changed its formula and rolled out a “new” Coke formula. On July 10, 1985, after much protest and many late-night talk show jokes, Coca-Cola announced that they would be returning to the original recipe. They made one alteration: the cane sugar was replaced with high-fructose corn syrup. What?? Hardly seems like Coke Classic to us.


Enter Mexican Coca-cola, made the pre-1985 way with real sugar cane. We love that! And, oh yes, you can taste the difference! Some of us here can even pop open a bottle and reminisce about the early 80s.


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