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Otto’s has Boar's Head Hot Dogs AND Palacios Spanish Chorizo?

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Interplanetary children of the 60’s will share my nostalgia for Quisp. There were two cereals, Quisp and Quake. Quisp was from Planet Q and brought this cereal to Earth. Quake was a miner who brought us his cereal from his mine. They had contest to see which was better. I voted for Quisp, as did most other kids. So he won and Quake went underground. Quisp disappeared from grocery shelves in the early 70’s. We all wondered where he went. Well, he had to go back to his planet to restock which is like a million light-years away. But he has brought a special delivery to Otto’s Market direct from planet Q! It’s a quispy, quunchy, quazy energy cereal!

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